She Had to Move to Think

Maybe…..Get up and move yo body!

Dance Yo Arse Off

Dance Yo Arse Off

It worked wonders for me last night – danced my buzzingg bee-hind off to some rock-a-billy. It was good, damn good – so good in fact that I was able to ‘lose’ myself in it…to the extent that on the walk home at 2am, as I followed a tangential smell of baked goods into an all-night pizza-by-the-slice shop, a stranger leaving the shop said,

“Nice dancing.”, as she stepped out the door and back into the night.

“Thanks, it was so much fun.”, I called after her. (She must have witnessed me cuttin’ up the floor.)

Thanks to the music.

Sir Ken Robinson on exploring alternatives…

Simple and beautiful remedy…

Bye for now,

Hunter G

Images and Text Copyright Hunter G, 2013 (except Dance Yo Arse Off) and available for sale (FREE for not-for-profit activities – just include a link to this blog). All profits from sales will be re-invested in Save The Kimberley activities.

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