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Ticket # 632, Your Van is Ready

The Great Paste-Up Cook Up

A few days ago I began my ‘Save The Kimberley’ PR preparations: a 1.5 metre paste-up of a wilderness scene – not The Kimberely, but artistic license is a wonderful thing. This image is actually a scene from a ski field in the Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Here’s what my van looked like before the exercise…

And here’s the final version…

What a beauty, if I don’t say so meself!

Now, should you want to partake in some paste-up action (and I wouldn’t blame you, it’s much fun for the whole family), here’s what to do:

The Paste-Up Cook-Up Guide for Kids and Late Bloomers

Step 1: whack some flour in a bowl and add water, stirring, bit by bit, a la…

Flour Water Mix

Step 2: Add some sugar as a stickifier (brown or white, it no matter, we no discriminate)

Brown Sugar. Courtesy R Stones (apologies, couldn’t resist)

White Sugar. Courtesy Gloria J. Thanks Gloria.

At this point you can do one of two things: proceed straight to Step 3 (the cook-up); or, if you’re a little concerned that at 120 kph the paste-up might be torn off and end up plastered on the windscreen of the driver behind, then you can add a dash of craft glue, just to be sure. NB. At this point, make sure to stop taste-testing.

I’m feeling pretty confident so let’s skip to step three

…skip, skip…

Step 3:

Stir over a low heat for twenty minutes. Or if without access to a stove-top, experiment with your mum’s microwave or hair-dryer. The resulting consistency should be something like this…

Et Voila!

Hey presto, you are now a qualified drug lab technician (sorry, I mean kids-craft technician). And you are ready to begin pasting!

Happy Pasting! Send me some pics of your results.

Bye for now, Hunter G

Images and text Copyright Hunter G, 2012 and available for sale.