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Silver City Highway

About to hit the road….and FINALLY leave Victoria! It’s been nice to move slowly (I recently heard a a refreshing Radio National interview about the slow life as documented in Travels with Epicurus) but I’m gettin’ antsy, like the feisty bull-ants that maraud around my campsite each evening at dusk and go on the attack when I stomp beside them.

So I’m off tomorrow at the break of day (or maybe even tonight depending on how many coffees I imbibe while updating this blog) to hit the Silver City Highway and begin the move into the outback.

Marauding troops jamming the entrance to their abode at the base of a eucalyptus.


I love The Silver City (Broken Hill) – famous for hosting Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, at The Palace Hotel (out of business the last two times I was there but fortunately reopened) with its wonderful murals and wide verahdahs.

I’ve been to the Silver City several times and will happily return endlessly. Its big wide streets, old hotels and great mix of art, industry and landscape give it plenty of pulling power.

See you down the highway. Bye for now, Hunter G

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