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Sat Dec 8 – (Inter)national Day of Solidarity for The Kimberley

Hi folks,

join in the action and submit a photo wherever you may be, for the…

(Inter)national day of solidarity for the Kimberley

I’ll be somewhere on the Oodnadatta Track (check out that sat photo!) probably near Lake Eyre…but unfortunately without internet access – so I’ve submitted an old pic of the finished mural on the van.

Claude The Damn Van :)

Claude The Damn Van 🙂

It’s an amazing but dusty road out here on the track. Looking forward to a sublime sunset around Lake Eyre South tonight…if i get off this computer and hit the road again. Had to stop to fill up ($1.95 per litre!!!)

Stone Man - artist unknown

Stone Man – artist unknown

Stone Man - artist unknown

Stone Man – artist unknown

Stone Man - artist unknown

Stone Man – artist unknown

Hope you’re all well out there in blog land. Bye for now,

Hunter G

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A Christening is Imminent

Hi folks,

I need help please: a name for my adventurous van. Looking for suggestions.

He/she’s a Toyota Town Ace (check out the funky vintage version below) and is courageously going where no Town Ace has ventured before, way way way past the city limits. A cpl of obvious ones: Tony Town Ace, Tina Town Ace. I quite like ’em but wanna put it to the people. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Someone (Kat Hunter) suggested ‘Claude the Damn Van‘ – I like it but not sure the van does. 🙂

Onward and Upward – all the way to Broome. Thanks folks and bye for now,

Hunter G

My City Side – on the city limits of Mildura

My Wild Side – Under Moonrise on The Silver City Highway

My Beautiful Vintage Bro – but definitely a city slicker.

Dec 16 – Addendum: And the Winner Is……….

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Ticket # 632, Your Van is Ready

The Great Paste-Up Cook Up

A few days ago I began my ‘Save The Kimberley’ PR preparations: a 1.5 metre paste-up of a wilderness scene – not The Kimberely, but artistic license is a wonderful thing. This image is actually a scene from a ski field in the Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Here’s what my van looked like before the exercise…

And here’s the final version…

What a beauty, if I don’t say so meself!

Now, should you want to partake in some paste-up action (and I wouldn’t blame you, it’s much fun for the whole family), here’s what to do:

The Paste-Up Cook-Up Guide for Kids and Late Bloomers

Step 1: whack some flour in a bowl and add water, stirring, bit by bit, a la…

Flour Water Mix

Step 2: Add some sugar as a stickifier (brown or white, it no matter, we no discriminate)

Brown Sugar. Courtesy R Stones (apologies, couldn’t resist)

White Sugar. Courtesy Gloria J. Thanks Gloria.

At this point you can do one of two things: proceed straight to Step 3 (the cook-up); or, if you’re a little concerned that at 120 kph the paste-up might be torn off and end up plastered on the windscreen of the driver behind, then you can add a dash of craft glue, just to be sure. NB. At this point, make sure to stop taste-testing.

I’m feeling pretty confident so let’s skip to step three

…skip, skip…

Step 3:

Stir over a low heat for twenty minutes. Or if without access to a stove-top, experiment with your mum’s microwave or hair-dryer. The resulting consistency should be something like this…

Et Voila!

Hey presto, you are now a qualified drug lab technician (sorry, I mean kids-craft technician). And you are ready to begin pasting!

Happy Pasting! Send me some pics of your results.

Bye for now, Hunter G

Images and text Copyright Hunter G, 2012 and available for sale.