The Truth – Hunter Found It!

Woo Hoo! I finally found The Truth. Forget The Big G (the other one, not me). Forget Science. Check out the Barrier Daily Truth. That’s where it’s at. And I found it. Woooooo Hoooooo!

Anyway, if ya want it, here it is – this went out to over 6000 individual folks who are on the union list! But more importantly, check out the Hungry Jacks deal! OMG am I glad that I got that article – otherwise wld never have seen that awesome HJ deal……But WTF!, I’ve just read the bloody fine-print abt the sausage and egg deal – ended on Oct 31. God I hate that – it’s like a false peak when u’r hiking. Bastards. Guess I’ll have to go the 2 whopper deal.

Ps btw,I’ve got this slight feelin’ that there are more peeps than just me fightin’ this campaign…but you can call me David from now on if ya like.

Hunter finds the TRUTH!

Hunter finds the TRUTH!

Save The Kimberley. Kimberley Campaigner.

Images and Text Copyright Hunter G, 2013 (except for he Barrier Daily Truth article) and available for sale (FREE for not-for-profit activities – so spread the word widely – just include a link to this blog). All profits from sales will be re-invested in Save The Kimberley activities.

3 thoughts on “The Truth – Hunter Found It!

  1. Anna

    Awesome, Hunter! I believe you-you are in The Truth! Do you have a link to the article? I could not find on their website.

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